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Precautions for car wiring harness layout
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With the continuous improvement of safety, comfort and environmental protection requirements of modern cars, the number of circuits and power consumption on cars have increased significantly. How to arrange a large number of wire harnesses more effectively and reasonably in the limited car space has become a problem faced by the automobile manufacturing industry. Focusing on the arrangement of car wire harness, briefly introduceAutomotive wiring harnessPrecautions for arrangement.

1、 The fixing points of automobile wire harness are arranged reasonably and fixed reliably

(1) According to the actual installation position of the car harness on the whole vehicle, in order to avoid the sag and displacement of the harness, and to consider the weight of the harness, the fixing method and the convenience of the fixing position, the harness should be fixed with sufficient and reasonable fixing points and methods.

(2) Set fixing points according to the direction of the harness and the specific shape of the vehicle body. The distance between the two fixing points is generally not more than 300mm on the straight line without a fulcrum; A fixed point can be set at the inflection point of the obtuse angle; The two fixed points shall be arranged at the right angle inflection point; Avoid sharp corners and inflections in the harness.

(3) Select the type and size of the fixing clip according to the shape and outer diameter of the harness to meet the need of bearing the weight of the harness.

(4) At the connector position connected with other wire harnesses and electrical equipment, it is considered to set fixed points at a suitable position no more than 120mm in front of the connector.

(5) It is considered to set a fixed point on the main line at the fulcrum, and the distance between the fixed point and the fulcrum is not more than 100mm.

(6) In the installation direction of the fixed clip, there should be enough space to facilitate the installation and removal of the clip.


2、 Neat appearance and bundled configuration

(1) The car harness should be arranged along the edge and along the groove (the routing groove designed on the body) to avoid the harness directly bearing pressure. The harness shall not be exposed in the cab; At the position where the harness can be observed, such as the engine room, set eye-catching attraction points or eye-catching colors, so that the harness installed here is not prominent or conspicuous.

(2) The arrangement method is in the projection direction, arranged in a horizontal and vertical chessboard manner, avoiding diagonal arrangement.

(3) The gap with the pipe is uniform, and the gap with the surrounding components is reasonable.

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