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The importance of automobile wire harness processing to material selection
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Automotive wiring harnessThe selection of processing materials directly affects the quality of automobile wire harness products. Automobile wiring harness is an important component connecting automobile electronic system. Whether it is a luxury car or a household car, their wiring harness system is basically the same, consisting of wires, connectors and packaging tapes. However, there are some differences in the material of the harness. The car harness can basically meet the functions of signal transmission and circuit continuity.

According to its functions, automobile harness can be divided into power system harness, direction control system harness and brake system harness. Each harness unit has strict requirements.


1. Service life

The service life is the basic requirement. The service life of car harness will have a rough range. Unqualified car harness will age prematurely and its performance will decline.

2. High conductivity

Selecting and using excellent copper core wire can ensure the high-speed transmission of electronic signals, and the copper wire must not be recycled.

3. Anti-interference

The signal harness shall be shielded, which can effectively reduce the interference of external circuit or external magnetic field on the electronic signal.

4. High temperature resistance

The harness around the engine needs to have high temperature resistance.

5. Corrosion resistance

The electrochemical corrosion inside the vehicle needs to be considered, and the wires need to meet the basic corrosion resistance.

6. Service life

With the increase of automobile functions and the wider application of electronic control technology, there will be more and more electronic parts and wires. The number of circuits and power consumption of cars will increase significantly, and the harness will become thicker and heavier. This is a big problem to be solved. How to arrange a large number of wire harnesses more effectively and reasonably in the limited car space to make the car wire harness play a greater role has become a problem facing the automobile manufacturing industry.

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