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Common faults and causes of automobile wiring harness
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Most harness engineers working in the main engine factory spend a lot of energy on repairing the car, that is, checking whether there is a problem with the car harness. Here, I want to share this with you.

1、 Common harness faults and causes

commonAutomotive wiring harnessFaults include: poor contact of connector, short circuit, open circuit, overlap between wires, etc. The main causes of automobile harness failures are as follows:

(1) Natural factors

The service life of car harnesses is too long, the wires are aging, the insulation layer is damaged, and the mechanical strength is not up to standard, resulting in short circuit, open circuit, and overlap between car harnesses, and burning car harnesses. Many of the reasons why the electrical equipment can not work normally are caused by poor contact, and many of the reasons are caused by oxidation and deformation at the wire harness end.

(2) Damage of vehicle harness caused by equipment failure

Electrical equipment failure is easy to cause harness damage. Common faults include short circuit, open circuit, etc.

(3) Subjective human reason

When assembling or repairing auto parts, metal objects crush the wire harness and break the insulation layer of the wire harness; Improper harness position; The lead position of electrical equipment is connected incorrectly; The positive and negative leads of the battery are connected reversely; During the maintenance of the faulty circuit, if the wires are connected or cut randomly, it may affect the electrical equipment and even burn the harness.


2、 How to judge the fault of automobile harness

Poor contact is a common problem in automobile harness failure. In this case, it is necessary to use a multimeter to check the conduction gear step by step to narrow the fault range. In general, special attention should be paid to the connection of the plug-in. The poor contact caused by the dislocation of the plug-in terminal is likely to be missed installation and insertion.

Short circuit of electronic system circuit and fusing of electronic system fuse are common faults of automobile. Finding the specific short circuit position is the key to solve the fault. The circuit device of the entire electronic system should be checked. This work is relatively tedious, heavy workload, and careful.

After finding the problem, we should take timely measures to solve the fault and prevent the recurrence of the fault. It is necessary to make a comprehensive and accurate judgment on the possible places of the car harness. Generally, the automobile electronic system supports multiple functions, and the system's automobile wiring harness is relatively complex. A complete automobile wiring harness needs to be composed of many lines and related components. It is not easy to find a short circuit point in such a large and complex system. It is not only necessary to disassemble the instrument and interior decoration, but sometimes even peel off a section of wire harness for inspection.

3、 Solving the problem is not the purpose, but the important thing is to prevent the problem from happening again

It has been emphasized that after troubleshooting, it is not to say that the problem is solved, but more importantly, to prevent the problem from happening again. Some peers will encounter the same problems many times, which will waste a lot of time and energy. Therefore, after the event, we must think about how to prevent it from happening and implement it.

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