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Maintenance method of terminal harness processing
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Terminal harness is an important part of electronic equipment, and its transmission performance is critical. It is necessary to ensure that terminal harness has good transmission performance. Therefore, the maintenance requirements for terminal harness processing need to be strictly considered. Here is an introductionTerminal harness processing2 maintenance methods.


In fact, the maintenance requirements of terminal harness processing are mainly considered from the following two aspects: first, the selection of harness materials; The second is the maintenance of wire contacts in terminal harness processing.

1. Wire selection for terminal harness processing:

The harness is generally copper multi-core flexible wire, and also tinned wire. In most cases, a thin layer of highly conductive tin is coated on the surface of the copper wire to improve the conductivity. The important requirement is to select the appropriate wire diameter or cross-sectional area according to the limit current of the wire.

In addition to the wire diameter of the electronic wire, the processing environment and function of the terminal harness should also be considered. For example, the working environment of the engine is harsh, the temperature is high, and there are many corrosive gases and liquids. Therefore, the selection of wire for terminal harness processing requires high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, friction resistance and vibration resistance. However, there are many types of wire rods, and the classification methods and manufacturing standards of each country are different. In production, the terminal harness processing plant needs to select the electronic wire according to the specific working environment and specific requirements of the harness, and usually uses the wire with PVC insulation.

2. Maintenance of wire contacts in terminal harness processing:

Generally, the connection point between wires in terminal harness processing is called harness contact, which is commonly used in instrument harness, vehicle-mounted harness, cabin harness, and air conditioning harness. Through the contact point, switches and multi-purpose appliances can be realized. Signal transmission is the key requirement because effective methods are needed. After the contact is connected, the core copper wire is exposed and easy to oxidize. Multiple contacts are wound in the harness at the same time to form the connection between the contact and the contact, resulting in short circuit of the circuit and even burning in serious cases.

Therefore, when the terminal harness is processed and used in different working environments, the contact packaging materials are different. PVC tape is generally used for harness contacts that are less affected by the environment, such as instrument harness, ceiling harness, body harness, air conditioning harness and other indoor harnesses.

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