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Standard for detecting the smell of automobile wiring harness
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With the increasing popularity of cars in China, the problem of car interior smell has also been concerned by more consumers and car practitioners. According to the query, the taste emitted from the car interior mainly comes from various leather/plastic/fiber, etcAutomotive wiring harness

All the assessors need to undergo qualification training. A flexible sense of smell is the key technology. Different people have different feelings of smell. Generally, five professional odor assessors are required to work separately, and then obtain a fair and objective experimental result.

As for the car harness, it must be analyzed from the components of the harness

The automobile wiring harness is composed of wires/terminals/waterproof plugs/adhesive tapes/connectors/injection molded parts/rubber parts, etc. The most smelly parts are adhesive tapes and rubber parts.

First, let's talk about tape. There are many types of tape, among which the common ones are flannelette tape/cloth base tape/PVC tape, etc

The width also varies from 9mm to 25mm (common); Let's take flannelette tape as an example. This kind of tape has strong noise reduction performance, is also relatively wear-resistant, and is easy to tear by hand, but its taste is generally large. After all, it contains natural rubber and some additives

Then there are rubber products, which are mostly found in rubber sealing rings. If the processing process of such products does not properly handle the odor problem (such as vulcanization), the odor will be heavier.

How to remove or reduce the odor is the main work that the main engine manufacturer needs to consider and pay attention to, especially for the parts manufacturers such as tape/rubber parts. This needs to be considered from the manufacturing process of parts, such as the use of odor remover (generally the main ingredient is perfume), the removal of the flavor of additives such as vulcanizing agent/accelerator in rubber products, or the sensitive use of substances similar to activated carbon commonly used in indoor deodorization.

Adhere to the smell of the product car harness within a certain acceptable range, which is the trend of automobile development, and is also worth our attention.

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