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What are the processing standards and processes of automobile wire harness
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Automotive wiring harnessThe application of processing is more and more extensive, so what is the production standard for automobile wire harness processing in the automobile industry?
1. For the formal processing of automobile wire harness, the insulation rubber is made of new anti-oxidation PVC material, while the core conductor is made of oxygen-free copper or silver-plated copper or tin-plated copper by air-insulating method, which is carefully made by precision equipment.

2. The heat resistance and insulation of high-quality car wire harness are very good, and its core conductor is seven-strand twisted or braided, so that it can have enough density to reduce the capacitance, resistance and inductance of car wire harness, so it can output enough current.

3. Because of the interest temptation of automobile wire harness, there are some irregular manufacturers. Their insulation rubber is made of recycled PVC plastic, while the core conductor is made of recycled copper, or steel wire, recycled copper, copper clad aluminum, etc. Some of them use a mixture of these materials. Most consumers know that these conductors have much higher internal resistance and voltage drop than oxygen-free copper, which is harmful to 12V automobile power supply.

4. To judge the quality of automobile wire harness processing, we should not only look at its appearance and size, but also look at the quality and thickness of the copper core inside the automobile wire harness. Because some automobile wire harnesses are processed with thick rubber, while the copper core inside is made with thin rubber, which is out of proportion. Therefore, it is necessary to confirm the size of the cut section of the copper core.

Processing technology of automobile wire harness:
1. Opening:
The accuracy of the line opening process is directly related to the overall production progress. Once there is an error, especially the line opening size is too short, it will lead to rework at all stations, which takes time and effort to affect the production efficiency. Therefore, the wire opening size and stripping size must be reasonably determined according to the drawing requirements when preparing the wire opening process.

2. Crimping:
The crimping parameters shall be determined according to the terminal type required by the drawing, and the crimping operation instructions shall be prepared. For special requirements, the process documents shall be noted and operators shall be trained. For example, some wires need to pass through the sheath before crimping. It needs to pre-install the wires and then return from the pre-assembly station before crimping; There are also special crimping tools used for piercing crimping, which has good electrical contact performance.

3. Pre-installation:
First of all, the pre-assembly process operation manual should be prepared. In order to improve the efficiency of the final assembly, the pre-assembly station should be set for the complex wire harness. The rationality of the pre-assembly process directly affects the efficiency of the final assembly and also reflects the technical level of a technician. If the preassembled parts are less assembled or the assembled wire path is unreasonable, the workload of the general assembly personnel will be increased, and the speed of the assembly line will be slowed down. Therefore, the process personnel should always stay on the site and constantly summarize.

4. General assembly:
Be able to compile the assembly table designed by the product development department, design the specification and size of tooling equipment and material box, and paste the number of all assembly jackets and accessories on the material box to improve the assembly efficiency. Prepare the assembly contents and requirements of each station, balance the whole assembly station, and prevent the situation that the workload is too large and the speed of the whole assembly line is pulled down. To achieve the balance of work stations, the process personnel must be familiar with each operation, calculate the working hours on site, and adjust the assembly process at any time.

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