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How are terminal harnesses classified
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Wire HarnessHow are they classified by series?

1. Printed wiring board terminal harness:

Printed circuit board terminal harness is one of the most widely used products that can be welded to printed circuit boards. Some of the products of this series adopt solid tenon splicing groove, with 02 and 03 as the basic units, and can provide the combination of any number of digits. Some models have integrated structural design, and can provide the overall combination of any number of digits from 02 to 24.

The plastic bodies of this series of products are all made of PA66 (flame retardant grade: UL94, V-0), which has excellent electrical and weather resistance and is widely used in the terminal harness industry. The metal parts are made of high-quality brass, phosphor copper and steel, which are respectively plated with tin, nickel, zinc and other protective layers. Industry application: very wide, such as household appliances, monitoring, industrial computers, etc.

2. Plug-in series terminal harness:

The pluggable series terminal harness adopts the combination of easy to operate pluggable connection and solid and universal screw connection, and has two major structural series: pluggable connection and pin-strip connection. The plug of the plug-in series terminal harness uses the lifting barrel principle to realize the wiring function, that is, when the screw is tightened, the support function of the plastic body remains unchanged, while the lifting barrel crimping clamp carries the wire up until the wire is pressed onto the current bar of the conductive clip, and the groove on the surface of the current bar can cut the oxide layer that may exist on the wire, so as to achieve the tension resistance connection, The wire subject to extremely high contact pressure is slightly embedded in the soft tinning layer of the current bar, thus ensuring long-term airtight connection. The screws are designed to prevent dropping, which can ensure reliable connection under any circumstances and circumstances. The socket has a variety of styles: open at both ends, closed at both ends, and equipped with ears at both ends.

The plastic body of plug-in series terminal harness adopts PA66 (flame retardant grade: UL94, V-0). The metal parts are tinned with high-quality copper, tinned or nickel with phosphorous copper, and galvanized or nickel with steel. Industry application: It should be widely used, such as lighting systems, instruments, communication equipment, power supplies and other industrial products.

3. Fence series terminal harness:

Fence series terminal harness, also known as USG terminal, is widely used in automatic control, power supply and other industrial fields. The perfect pressing plate design of this series of terminal harness makes the crimping range of this series of products expand, which can better protect the wire, and even won't fall off when crimping multi-stranded wire, so as to realize safe and reliable connection. The plastic body of this series of products adopts PA66 (flame retardant grade: UL94, V-0), except for a few models of PBT GF. The metal parts of BRTB series products are tinned with high-quality copper, galvanized with steel or nickel. Industry application: widely used in automatic control, power supply and other industrial fields.

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