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Why does the terminal wire generate high temperature
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LeadwireWhat are the causes of high temperature

There are two possibilities for high temperature of terminal wire: loose terminal wire causes excessive touch resistance, and then overheats; The terminal wire is not loose, but the circuit is overheated due to some unknown reason, such as the power supply voltage is too high, or the load is short-circuited.

1. The voltage is too high. The socket can also have equipment buckle and confession buckle. The device buckle can be more firmly fixed to the PCB board, and the recognition buckle can recognize the mother and socket after the device is completed. A variety of socket plans can assign different matrix piercing methods, such as: horizontal, straight or oblique to the printed circuit board. You can choose either metric or standard wire gauge.

2. Ground defect. It can also be checked from the transformer and then grounded to the distribution box. The grounding should be grounded, while the normal phase line should be cleaned of grounding defects. The insulation meter or megger can be used to measure the power supply and distribution lines when the power is cut off. The measurement shall be carried out in sections. Try to measure the power supply and distribution lines such as cables, wires, circuit breakers, switches, etc. in sections. If it is really difficult to segment, pull out the fuse of the weak current equipment and sensing equipment.

The key of terminal wire grounding is to have low grounding resistance and large touch area. The former can ensure that the grounding address has a "zero potential" as low as possible close to the ground potential, which can prevent you from thinking about the possibility of lightning "back-string" back from the ground wire after lightning, and into the power supply circuit. The latter can ensure that there is sufficient capacity to supply a defect current channel, including lightning and short circuit defects.

Because the construction process of terminal wire practice has been changed in theory according to the changes of contemporary technology and science and technology, whether this grounding method works or not depends on how the new standard is regulated.
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