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What are the causes of car harness failures?
Time:2021-01-25 Read: 1787
Many private cars like to install some electronic devices on their cars, such as car anti-theft devices, audio, audio, etc., because the construction process is not professional, Automotive wiring harnessIt may be connected incorrectly, or increase the load of the original line, resulting in short circuit of the line and electronic system failure. So, what are the causes of car harness failures?


It is better to read the instructions before using some car harnesses in the car. Some of the faults are caused by the operation mistakes of the owners, because they do not know how to use and set them. In addition, when operating the control switch or panel, be careful not to use too much force. Some car owners like to wash the engine, which is very dangerous. Because some parts of the engine are very afraid of water, it is easy to cause the failure of electronic sensors and trip computer when washing with water. Similar to this situation, the engine or electronic components are soaked in water due to carelessness when the vehicle wades in the summer rainstorm. As a result, the car harness of electronic components is short-circuited, causing problems in the car electronic system.

The automobile electronic equipment can be divided into four parts: sensor, control unit, actuator and automobile harness. Automobile electronic failures are also closely related to the normal operation of these four aspects. These components in the automotive electronic structure are very precise and have higher requirements for the use environment. At present, the lack of maintenance and cleaning of electronic components commonly existing in car owners has become the cause of failure. As the information source of automobile electronic control system, automobile sensor is the key component of automobile electronic control system. If it is polluted by dust and other impurities, the sensitivity and accuracy of the sensor may be reduced, and even the sensor signal may be distorted, making the vehicle control unit and actuator invalid and unable to drive normally.


Vehicles equipped with electronic instruments need many connectors to connect the vehicle harness to the instrument panel. If these connectors are wetted or corroded by water, the connecting wire will often be oxidized, resulting in poor contact of the car harness. The examination can be performed with eyes or hands. The connecting device is complete and intact, and the plug and socket contact is reliable without corrosion. When the instrument circuit is working, there should be no obvious temperature sense when touching the connector by hand. If the temperature is too high, it indicates that the connector is in poor contact, and the cause should be found out and eliminated.

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