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What is the electric wire harness
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As the name implies, electric vehicles are driven by electric energy, so how to make the whole body conduct electricity is inseparable from the harness.

Harness is one of the main components of electric vehicle, which is used to conduct all the current, voltage and power of electric vehicle.

In order to prevent electric vehicles from short circuit and power failure, pay attention to the maintenance of electric vehicles at ordinary times!

The following are the precautions that users should pay attention to during use:

1. Water ingress has a great impact on the electric vehicle harness. If rainwater enters the harness, some connectors of the harness will be oxidized, resulting in the phenomenon that the voltage will not be transmitted sometimes. Therefore, electric vehicles should not be exposed to rain for a long time, because the rain is acidic, and long-term exposure to rain will lead to a faster oxidation rate of the harness.

2. Do not use the electric vehicle immediately after it has been soaked in the rain, put it indoors or in a dry place, and use the whole vehicle after the rain has receded, otherwise it will cause the whole vehicle to ignite and burn the accessories.

3. For electric vehicles that have been used for more than half a year or more, it is recommended to check whether the harness is missing or falling off after sales. If yes, please replace the harness of the whole vehicle immediately, otherwise it may cause serious consequences.

4. For personal safety of yourself and others, please check the harness of the whole vehicle regularly.

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