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Performance analysis of vehicle harness made of different raw materials
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1. The corrugated pipe of on-board harness usually occupies 60% or more of the harness dressing. Its main characteristics are good wear resistance, high temperature resistance, flame resistance and heat resistance in high temperature area. The temperature of bellows is between - 40 ℃ and 150 ℃. Its materials are usually divided into polypropylene and PA2. PA material is superior to polypropylene material in flame retardance and wear resistance.

2. Tape plays a binding, wear-resisting, insulating, flame retardant, noise reduction and marking role in the vehicle harness, generally accounting for about 30% of the packaging material. The harness tape is generally divided into three types: PVC tape, air-current mesh tape and preaching tape. PVC tape has good abrasion resistance and flame retardancy; The temperature resistance is about 80 ℃, the noise reduction effect is poor, and the price is low. The flannel belt and cloth base belt are made of PET. The binding and noise reduction effect of flannelette tape is the best, and the temperature resistance is about 105 ° C; The cloth base tape has good wear resistance and temperature resistance of about 150 ℃. The common disadvantage of flannel tape and cloth base tape is that they are not flame retardant and expensive.

3. Fixation design of on-board wiring harness The central electrical box is usually fixed with steel strips, bolts, etc., or directly installed on the vehicle body through the fixed structure designed by the electrical box itself. Generally, each wire harness is fixed in the main body hole through plastic wire harness, hook, etc. The holes on the main body are mostly round or elliptical holes with diameters of 5mm, 6mm and 7mm respectively. The sheath between the harnesses is usually fixed together through the sheath bracket and installed on the vehicle body. The body lines of larger vehicles are long and thick, and are usually fixed on the body to reduce vibration and noise.


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