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Regular maintenance of automobile harness
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In our auto repair manual and auto repair manual, the professional term of wire harness repair is rarely mentioned, because the car reservation is engine oil, refrigerant fluid, brake oil, hydraulic oil, etc. Familiar with the car wire harness also needs to be maintained. How often should the car engine wire harness be replaced? In order to avoid vehicle failure and unnecessary cost investment, we need to do the following.


Regular inspection

The different condition and performance of each vehicle, especially the different driving distance, also determines the time and frequency of replacement. The basic condition of the engine harness shall be inspected regularly in order to understand its actual condition and take relevant measures to avoid adverse factors. Only regular inspection can effectively eliminate unnecessary faults. After all, many uncertain factors are also unknown factors.

Regular maintenance

It is also to avoid vehicle failure, especially to find that the harness interface is loose. The harness is cracked and oxidized, and the copper wire in the harness is exposed, which is easy to cause vehicle leakage. This is also a matter needing attention during use. The engine harness should be replaced regularly and how often. It needs to undergo a series of tests by the routine maintenance manufacturer. It is also targeted to select the appropriate maintenance method.

The maintenance of wire harness is very important, which can prolong the service life and effectively protect the safety of the vehicle.

Many car owners choose harness agent and spray it on the harness surface regularly to prevent the harness from being oxidized. Prevent harness corrosion, etc. Because a protective film is formed on the surface of the wire harness, it can also prevent the invasion of air and dust. Using harness agent to maintain harnesses, such as new harnesses, can also effectively extend the service life, and the positive impact of regular maintenance of harnesses must play a practical role.

In short, how often the engine harness should be replaced depends on the actual situation. Of course, even if the use opportunity is small or the journey is short, it can only be used after passing the basic inspection or regular repair shop inspection, which is also an important guarantee for driving safety. After all, the impact of some small details cannot be ignored, and the principles should be followed before use.

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