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Problems to be considered when purchasing on-board harness
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Sales marketOn-board harnessThere are many, so when selecting the car harness, the information content of the product to be purchased is the work to be done. At this time, if you are responsible for purchasing the car harness, I will tell you what problems you have when purchasing the car harness.


1. What materials are likely to be used

The material of on-board harness terminal is copper or aluminum. Copper is heavier but more durable, while aluminum is lighter but less durable. Some machines and equipment only use on-board harness made of one material, which depends on the required utilization process and appropriate current intensity.

2. What kind of insulation is likely to be used

Generally, PVC insulation layer or chemical crosslinking can be used; The insulating layer changes its molecular formula due to the material that is exposed to heat and working pressure, and is likely to resist higher temperatures. Some chemical cross-linked thermal insulation materials are more durable, while PVC insulation layer is more economical. You must have sufficient knowledge of the harness used by mechanical equipment. In order to use program flow (such as module room) at high temperature, chemical cross-linked harness is required, so PVC insulated harness can be used generally.

3. Which welding method should be selected

There are usually two types of connections for harness wiring terminals: welded and non-welded. The solderless connection means to quickly disconnect the connection between the required terminal and the RF connector. This means that in the whole utilization process, the connection without welding is not firm. Even if it takes longer to complete the welding connection, it can provide firm connection.

4. How to select cables for on-board harness terminals

The longer the harness required by the process of using the mold, the greater the current, and the lower the specification and model of the harness. Before purchasing, the main parameters and specifications of the terminal cable must be specified. If possible, it is recommended to check the side of the thick harness to prevent inferior goods.

The above four problems are the problems we encounter when selecting the terminals of the car harness. They can help you find the appropriate products and use methods.

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