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Important aspects affecting terminal harness processing
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althoughTerminal harness processingThe process is not very complex, but there are many special categories in this industry and its application range is also very wide, which is the same as our human heart. However, the terminal harness is also very important in the actual application process, and generally affects the terminal harness in the following important aspects:


1. Selection of raw materials: The quality of raw materials is directly related to the service life of terminal harnesses. Generally, the cables processed by terminal harnesses are made of pure copper, but not all processing manufacturers will comply with this industry regulation. Some manufacturers use copper clad steel, iron clad or copper clad zinc cables to manufacture terminal harnesses to increase capital and earn more profits, The quality of harness made of this material is also predictable, let alone its service life.

2. Selection of specifications: terminal harnesses with different thickness can accept different currents. If the thin terminal harnesses are used under high current, they will heat up because they cannot accept the current, resulting in combustion, and even fire. Therefore, when processing terminal harnesses, we must see whether to accept the corresponding current.

3. Processing and use environment of terminal harness: The use environment of terminal harness is also a key factor affecting the service life. The service life of terminal harness used outdoors is certainly not as long as that used indoors. The long-term exposure and rain exposure of terminal harness used in outdoor advertising light box will greatly prolong the service life of terminal harness.

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