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Requirements for terminal harness processing
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I believe that the terminal harness you usually see is finished, but in the production process of terminal harness processing, the requirements for the harness are quite strict. Let me introduce youTerminal harness processingHow strict are the requirements?

What are the requirements for terminal harness processing?

1. After the wire harness is manufactured, the quality department should also conduct a comprehensive inspection. If the product is not qualified, it will be reworked again.

2. After the terminal is pressed, the rubber shell needs to be worn. This step cannot be automated, but can only be completed manually. It also needs to be compared with the first piece. The staff of the production line should be trained to ensure that the rubber shell is properly worn and cannot fall off.

3. For other complex harnesses, it may also need to wear sleeves, heat shrink, etc.

4. Incoming materials should be correct, raw materials should be inspected, and production scrap should be eliminated from the source.

5. After the material is determined, it is necessary to cut the wire and make the terminal. The first article needs to be done well. The subsequent production and inspection should take the first article as the standard.

Terminal harnesses are mainly used for the connection between internal circuits of electronic equipment. They can transmit current or signal inside the electrical equipment to ensure that the normal use of electronic equipment cannot be separated from terminal harnesses! At present, there are three main standards for domestic terminal connecting wires: UL standard, 3C standard and VDE standard. The internal conductor of terminal connecting wire is generally tinned copper or bare copper. The following is an analysis of the structure and composition of the terminal connecting line:

1. The raw material of sheath shall mainly be heat-resistant PVC sheath material imported from Japan.

2. The shielding layer of terminal connecting wire adopts Ф Transverse roll or braided tinned soft copper wire with wire diameter of 0.1mm and above to improve the anti-interference and anti-noise capability of the cable.

3. The insulation materials are mainly made of high-performance heat-resistant PVC insulation materials imported from Japan, which are semi-hard, soft and hard;

4. The conductor of the terminal connecting wire adopts the tinned copper wire with the diameter of 14-30AWG in Europe and America, and the terminal connecting wire and the electrical flexible copper wire with the sectional area of 0.3mm2-2.0mm2. There are three conductor methods: stranded conductor, OS-1 (TCW) conductor and solid conductor.

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