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Key points of waterproof terminal harness processing technology
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stayTerminal harness processingIn the daily application fields of, such as automobiles, outdoor LED screens, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, etc., are all used in the rain environment, so the waterproof function of the harness is very important. The harness manufacturer introduced the key points of waterproof terminal harness processing technology to us.


1. Select connector with waterproof function

It is necessary to provide safe and reliable connection with the machine. The advanced waterproof structure design connector is selected, and the waterproof grade is greater than or equal to IPX7 protection grade. The waterproof function of the connector can only be ensured by selecting the connector produced by a regular manufacturer, ensuring a strict quality control system, excellent processing and installation accuracy and multi-function testing.

2. Bundle design process

The selection of wire diameter shall match the connector, and the wire diameter shall not be greater than or less than the conventional diameter of the connector;

3. In the process of production

(1) It is required to select a special crimping die for crimping the waterproof terminal, and the crimped terminal shall meet the relevant technical requirements;

(2) Heat-shrinking maintenance of welding points and connection points: When welding the harness iron point, the heat-shrinkable sleeve needs to be selected for maintenance. The copper wire shall not pierce the heat-shrinkable tube, and the copper wire shall be completely wrapped in the heat-shrinkable tube. The heat-shrinkable sleeve shall meet relevant technical requirements;

4. Air tightness test

The intelligent sealing test system tests the waterproof and sealing function of the harness, connects the two ends of the harness to the corresponding tooling, passes the compressed air, and carries out the pressure test to determine whether the sealing function is qualified. The test specifications are as follows:

Test pressure: 20KPa;

Inflation time: 10s;

Holding time: 5s;

Test time: 10s;

Pressure loss: ≤ 0.05 kPa;

In the normal time, the pressure loss is less than the normal value, which means that the sealing effect is outstanding, meets the requirements of waterproof harness, and the product function is qualified. The harness manufacturer shall conduct electrical function test, sealing function test and appearance test for each waterproof harness. Ensure the quality of products is qualified.

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