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Common sense of using terminal harness processing
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Terminal harness processingIt is one of the electronic products produced by our company. The following are some common sense of terminal harness processing:


1、 The processing of terminal harness is protected by insulators. As long as the insulation is not damaged, even if two wires collide, there will be no standardized problem. However, attention should also be paid to the electrical connectors, cable connectors and terminal connectors of terminal harness processing, because non-standard operation will cause endless accidents of terminal harness processing. For this reason, many electrical installation and construction personnel should install insulating sleeve when laying terminal harness for processing;

2、 The connector of terminal harness processing is prone to accidents. There are always many connection points on the electrical circuit of terminal harness processing, such as wire and wire, wire and switch, wire and electrical appliance connection pile head, wire and shelter connection point, etc. These connector parts are different from other parts of the wire. At the joint, the insulation layer is peeled off. If the wrapping cloth is not well wrapped and two wires collide, it may form a short circuit, heat or electric spark. Therefore, the use of terminal harness processing should use standard operation.

3、 What should be paid attention to during the use of terminal harness processing? Next, if the connector of terminal harness processing is loose during the use, it is mainly due to thermal expansion and contraction, or long-term vibration, which will make the connector loose. In addition, the terminal harness processing will cause oxidation when sitting at the conductor joint. This is mainly because in the humid and corrosive air environment, it is easy to form an oxide layer on the conductor. If it is not treated in time, the terminal harness processing will be corroded by acid air for a long time, and the conductor will form an oxide layer on the appearance, resulting in an increase in contact resistance. Therefore, pay attention to writing basic knowledge points during the use of the terminal harness processing.

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