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Material composed of high-temperature silica gel connecting wire
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High-temperature silica gel connecting wireGenerally, there are two kinds of materials, one is silicone rubber, which has good softness, the other is Teflon (that is, polytetrafluorobutadiene), which is made of hard particles. The silicone material can be used for the installation and connection of household electrical circuits with AC rated current of 500V and below. It is widely used in electric hot water appliances, automobile paint baking rooms, lighting fixtures, lighting and electrical products. Teflon material can be used in instruments and equipment, aerospace, power engineering smelters, chemical plants, ships, automobiles, food machinery equipment, electrical products, drying rooms, etc.


The applicable temperature range of high-temperature silica gel connecting wire is - 60 ° - 200 °, the working voltage is 300/500V, the electrical conductor material is tin-plated copper core wire, the conductor and insulator are silicone rubber, and the manual braided layer is glass fiber silicone resin. High-temperature silica gel connecting wire has excellent acid resistance, alkali resistance primer and antifungal agent properties, and can withstand cold, cold and wet natural environment and various vegetable oils. In addition, the cable has good flexibility, moisture resistance and pressure resistance.

The bending radius of high-temperature silica gel connecting wire is more than 6 times of the cable diameter, and the laying working temperature is not lower than 0 ℃. It is widely used in high-temperature natural environment, such as lighting equipment, electrical products, electric heating household appliances, instruments and meters, motor wiring and electronic devices, lighting fixtures, gas appliances, etc. The long-term allowable working temperature of the applicable cable is 180 ℃ and below, and it is allowed to be applied within the working temperature range of not less than - 60 ℃. It is used for the connection of mobile home appliances in high temperature natural environment such as power generation, metallurgical industry, chemical industry, etc.

High-temperature silicone connecting wire is another kind of cable with elastomer material as insulating sheath after rubber-sheathed cable, but its characteristics are better than rubber-sheathed cable, especially its corrosion resistance and heat resistance, which are far superior to rubber-sheathed raw material. High-temperature silica gel connecting wire is very suitable for various mobile places, motor wiring, etc.

The surface of a good high-temperature silica gel connecting wire should be round and smooth, and the coating should be continuous and symmetrical. The surface layer of electrical conductor shall be free of triangles, burrs, cracks, kinks, wrinkles, impurities, spot marks, black spots, mechanical equipment damage, etching spots and other defects. Good high-temperature silica gel connecting line has uniform and bright color, without excessive air oxidation trace. The cross-section specification of electrical conductor is sufficient, not insufficient. The insulating layer and sheath surface of the high-temperature silica gel connecting wire shall be smooth and smooth, with uniform gloss, and shall be free of spots, blisters, scorched objects, etc. The insulation layer (sheath) is uniform in thickness and free of axial force. No mechanical equipment damage and flattening, no mechanical equipment damage and flattening.

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