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I believe that the terminal wire harness you usually see is finished, but in the process of wire harness processing and production, the requirements for wire harness are quite strict. How strict are the requirements for terminal harness? What are the requirements for terminal harness processing? 1. After the wire harne……【View
High-temperature silica gel connecting wire has excellent acid resistance, alkali resistance primer and antifungal properties, can withstand cold, cold and wet natural environment and various vegetable oils. In addition, the connecting wire has good flexibility, moisture resistance and pressure resistance. The long-ter……【View
Terminal harness processing is one of the electronic products produced by our company. The following are some common sense of terminal harness processing: First, the terminal harness processing is protected by insulators. As long as the insulation is not damaged, even if two wires collide, there will be no standardized……【View
We often use a variety of electronic products, but we often do not know what materials these electronic products are made of, what are the components inside, what are the functions of the FFC flexible cable, and in what fields? At present, FFC flexible flat cable is widely used for the connection between the printing h……【View
1、 Common damage factors of high temperature silica gel connecting wire: improper use of high temperature silica gel connecting wire and incorrect wiring method……【View
High-temperature silica gel connecting wire is made of high-quality silica gel and high-purity tinned copper stranded wire, which has the advantages of high and low temperature resistance and insulation. It is widely used in high temperature places such as household appliances, lighting fixtures, industrial machinery a……【View
Most harness engineers working in the main engine factory spend a lot of energy on repairing the car, that is, checking whether there is a problem with the car harness. Here, I want to share this with you. 1、 Common harness faults and causes Common automobile harness faults include poor contact of connectors, short cir……【View
High temperature silica gel connecting wire has excellent high temperature and low temperature resistance, electrical insulation, chemical stability, high voltage resistance, aging resistance and long service life. It is also soft and easy to install. High-temperature silica gel connecting wire has good acid, alkali an……【View
In today's era, cars are more and more electronic. It can be seen that the responsibility of automobile electronic wiring harness is significant. A master found that 35% of the reasons for automobile failures are caused by the circuit failures of electronic wiring harness in the long-term automobile maintenance practic……【View
Terminal harness is an important part of electronic equipment, and its transmission performance is critical. It is necessary to ensure that terminal harness has good transmission performance. Therefore, the maintenance requirements for terminal harness processing need to be strictly considered. Here are two maintenance……【View
Due to the complexity of the design of the car harness, it is also difficult to repair the car harness. Understanding the overall structure of the car harness will help improve the maintenance efficiency. The following are the questions you should know before repairing the car harness. 1. Safety problem: whether it is ……【View
The application fields of automobile wire harness processing are relatively wide, and the production specifications are different in different application fields, including specifications, raw materials for automobile wire harness processing, thickness and thickness. Now more and more cars are used for decoration, and ……【View
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