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The process steps of terminal harness processing and production are generally divided into the following four parts: 1. Wire cutting: the terminal harness processing manufacturer first uses automatic wire cutting machine equipment to cut the wire according to the size required by the terminal harness processing process……【View
The design principle of car wiring harness The car wiring harness is the main body of the car circuit network. Without wiring harness, there is no car circuit. With the improvement of people's requirements for vehicle safety, comfort, economy and emission, there are more and more electric appliances and functions on th……【View
Silicone car harness has the functions of high and low temperature resistance, electrical insulation, chemical stability, high voltage resistance, aging resistance and long service life. And the device is soft and convenient. Silicone car harness has the characteristics of acid resistance, alkali resistance and fungus ……【View
First of all, we need to know the composition of terminal harness processing products. Terminal harness is generally divided into three important parts: wire, connector and terminal. For example, what type of wire is suitable for how much current? What kind of connectors can meet customers' needs? How many wires can be……【View
Car harness is the main network of car circuit. Without car harness, there would be no car circuit. The harness is a component that connects the power circuit by binding the external plastic insulator or additional metal material housing after pressing the contact terminal (connector) made of copper material onto the w……【View
High-temperature silicone connecting wire is made of high-quality silicone rubber and high-purity tinned copper stranded wire, which has the advantages of high and low temperature resistance and insulation. Now let's have a detailed understanding of the use and selection methods of high-temperature silica gel connectin……【View
I believe that the terminal harness you usually see is finished, but in the production process of terminal harness processing, the requirements for the harness are quite strict. Now let's introduce how strict the processing requirements of terminal harness are? What are the requirements for terminal harness processing?……【View
1. Visual inspection method. When a part of the automobile electrical system fails, there will be smoke, sparks, abnormal noise, burning smell, high temperature……【View
With the continuous development of automobile electronic control technology, the number of automobile electronic equipment has increased greatly, the working frequency has gradually increased, and the power has gradually increased, which makes the working environment of the automobile full of electromagnetic waves, res……【View
When processing the terminal harness, we have eliminated the factors such as the manufacturer of the terminal harness. The selection of wire material for processing the terminal harness will directly affect the quality of the product, so this link is very important, and the variety of these raw materials is relatively ……【View
We will encounter various problems in our daily work, especially for newcomers. This is a big problem. Next, we will explain the common problems and solutions encountered in the processing of terminal harness. What problems will we encounter in the processing of terminal harness? 1. When the rubber shell is worn, the t……【View
1、 Undress. The accuracy of wire stripping is directly related to the whole production schedule. Once there is an error, especially if the wire size is too shor……【View
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