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How to meet the customer's requirements for the quality of on-board wiring harness? Terminal wire processing products are characterized by large proportion of manual processes, long product development cycle, complex circuits, and many sub-machines. Terminal wire products have many changes from design to manufacturing,……【View
What are the requirements for terminal harness during the processing and production of terminal harness? Today, the manufacturer of the terminal harness factory briefly introduces the following: 1. Requirements for cutting the wire stripping opening: the cutting surface is flat, and the copper wire is neat; All strippi……【View
For the tester of terminal harness processing, the surface is not an easy thing, and the standard of important surface testing is not easy to grasp. If different inspectors are engaged in the inspection of unified products, different conclusions may be drawn. Even so, as long as we really learn and master the standards……【View
The current load capacity is similar to the commonly understood overcurrent protection capacity, which is a protection method to make the protection device act when the current exceeds the predetermined maximum value. Overcurrent protection refers to that when the current flowing through the protected element exceeds a……【View
1、 Common damage factors of high temperature silica gel connecting wire: improper use of high temperature silica gel connecting wire and incorrect wiring method……【View
High-temperature silica gel connecting wire has excellent acid resistance, alkali resistance primer and antifungal properties, can withstand cold, cold and wet natural environment and various vegetable oils. In addition, the connecting wire has good flexibility, moisture resistance and pressure resistance. The long-ter……【View
Terminal harness processing is one of the electronic products produced by our company. The following are some common sense of terminal harness processing: First, the terminal harness processing is protected by insulators. As long as the insulation is not damaged, even if two wires collide, there will be no standardized……【View
We often use a variety of electronic products, but we often do not know what materials these electronic products are made of, what are the components inside, what are the functions of the FFC flexible cable, and in what fields? At present, FFC flexible flat cable is widely used for the connection between the printing h……【View
The application fields of automobile wire harness processing are relatively wide, and the production specifications are different in different application fields, including specifications, raw materials for automobile wire harness processing, thickness and thickness. Now more and more cars are used for decoration, and ……【View
With the development of science and technology, the manufacturers of automobile wire harness say that there are more and more wire harnesses on cars, and the relationship between electronic control system and wire harness is very close. Someone added this analogy. If the functions of microcomputer, sensor and executive……【View
The on-board harness is also called low-voltage harness. The harness is copper multi-core flexible wire circuit. The common specifications are 0.5, 0.75, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 4.0, 6.0mm2, etc. The key is to look at the current value of the load. Different power consumers are equipped with different specifications of wir……【View
After a period of use, the harness of electric vehicles is easy to cause safety hazards in three aspects. 1、 It is difficult to find slight damage to the harness assembly of electric vehicles. People will inevitably encounter various adverse road conditions during daily driving of electric vehicles, and bumps and tremo……【View
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