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What is the development trend of on-board wiring harness highly dependent on the automobile industry in 2020
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automobileOn-board harnessThe development of the industry is highly dependent on the automobile industry. Most of the brand car factories have their own mature and stable automobile supporting systems.


The data shows that in 2006, China's automobile production and sales were 7.2797 million and 7.216 million respectively, while in the first four months of 2020, the automobile production and sales were 5.596 million and 5.76 million respectively, and the automobile has been popularized among the masses. With the gradual improvement of the domestic epidemic prevention and control situation, and the introduction of a series of favorable policies by the government, the production and operation of the automobile enterprises have basically recovered, the output has reached the level of the same period last year, and the overall automobile market has gradually improved. (ps: refer to Netease News 2020 auto sales data)

This shows that the car harness industry is also developing rapidly in the face of the spring breeze, but the ever-changing technological updates also confirm that the industry competition is becoming increasingly fierce.

At this stage, consumers are not Xiaobai. In the era of information explosion, random online searches can tell whether the direction, layout and interference of car harnesses can largely reflect the design level and quality of manufacturing of car enterprises. The most obvious is the cabin harness. Some car cabin harnesses are arranged in a very regular way, without interference. The bend is straight, and the straight is straight, while some cars are messy, with serious interference, Therefore, the design of a good car harness is also a strong bonus, but "the road is one foot higher, the magic is one foot higher"

Careful netizens may find that many domestic car brands now like to use large plastic covers (generally called engine hood or engine compartment cover) in the engine compartment of cars. Why do you do this? Doesn't that increase the cost?


Part of the reason is that the structure of the engine compartment is chaotic, and the direction and layout of the on-board wiring harness are irregular, so it is simply covered up, so at least it looks neat, beautiful and comfortable on the surface, which is called "one cover covers all ugly", but there is also no lack of consideration to eliminate the noise point of the engine

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