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Application field of high-temperature silica gel connecting wire
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There are many kinds of wires and cables, including wires and cables that are very common in our lives, as well as some special cables, such as high-temperature resistant cables, which are commonly represented by high-temperature silicone connecting wires. thatHigh-temperature silica gel connecting wireWhat are the application areas of? Next, let's take a look.


High temperature silica gel connecting wire has excellent high temperature and low temperature resistance, excellent electrical insulation, excellent chemical stability, high voltage resistance, aging resistance and long service life. It is also soft and easy to install. High-temperature silica gel connecting wire has good acid resistance, alkali resistance, antifungal performance, resistance to wet and hot environment and various greases. At the same time, the cable has good flexibility performance, waterproof and pressure resistance.

In the electronic industry, high-temperature silica gel connecting wires can be used for temperature compensation wires, low-temperature resistant wires, high-temperature heating wires, anti-aging wires, and flame retardant wires. In the household appliance industry, the high-temperature silica gel connection cable can be used for the internal wiring of air conditioners, microwave ovens, electronic disinfection cabinets, computer rice cookers, electronic thermos, electric heaters, electric ovens, electric frying pans, lamps and lanterns, etc.

High-temperature silica gel connecting wires are widely used in high voltage wires of electronic appliances, other machinery, communications, aerospace, aviation, lighting and other industries. High-temperature silica gel connecting wires have excellent corrosion resistance, almost insoluble in any organic solvent, and can be resistant to oil, strong acid, strong alkali, strong oxidant, etc. High-temperature silica gel connecting wires are widely used in high temperature environments such as lighting fixtures, household appliances, electric heating appliances, instruments and meters, motor leads, electronics, lamps, gas appliances, etc. It is applicable to the long-term allowable working temperature of cables below 180 ℃, and is allowed to be used in the ambient temperature range of not less than - 60 ℃.

High-temperature silica gel connecting wire is used for electrical connection between mobile electrical appliances in high temperature environment such as power generation, metallurgy and chemical industry. Wiring in high temperature places such as electronic equipment, heavy industry machinery, electric power installation, industrial machinery, electric heating products, as well as the internal connecting lines of microwave ovens, fax machines, printers, copiers, scanners and other machines, as well as the lead wires of instruments and meters, motors, and high temperature environments such as electronics and gas appliances.

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