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Service life of terminal harness
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Terminal harnesses are widely used in our daily life and work, ranging from mechanical equipment to electronic accessories. Without harnesses as a carrier, they cannot operate normally. From the service life of the terminal harness, we can see its quality. Generally speaking, high-quality terminal harness can be used to the day when the equipment is scrapped. Of course, the premise is that it is used correctly and can not be used in violation of regulations or overload. Such high-quality harness is top in terms of material selection and harness processing technology.

1. Poor raw materials: The quality of raw materials directly affects the life of the harness. The harness cables are normally made of pure copper. However, not all terminal harness manufacturers will comply with this industry rule. In order to reduce costs and earn more profits, some harness manufacturers use copper-clad steel, iron-clad or copper-clad zinc cables to make harnesses. The quality of harnesses made of this material can be imagined, Not to mention life span.

2. Illegal use: different wire harnesses of different thickness can bear different current. If the thin wire harness is used on the high current, the wire harness will heat because it can't bear much current, which will cause the wire harness or equipment to burn, or even cause fire. Therefore, when using the wire harness, it must be determined whether it can bear the corresponding current.

3. Use environment: The use environment of the harness is also a factor that affects the service life of the terminal harness. The harness used outdoors must have a longer service life than that used indoors. For example, the harness used in the outdoor advertising light box will be exposed to the sun and rain for a long time, which will greatly shorten the service life of the harness.

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