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The processing and production process steps of terminal wire harness are generally divided into the following four parts: 1. The automatic cutting machine and equipment are used to cut the wires according to the process requirements of terminal wire, and the cut wires are arranged neatly according to the regulations (f……【View
1. The harness should be routed along the side, groove, cross beam and other parts of the body to avoid the stress of the harness. 2. The harness should avoid p……【View
Aging of electronic harness is a common problem of electric vehicle harness. Know the cause of harness aging to prevent harness aging. The direct cause of harness aging is the reduction of insulation. What are the factors that affect the aging of electric vehicle harness? 1. Connector failure. The harness connector is ……【View
The traditional "point to point" method is still used for wiring of car harness, that is, one or two wires are connected to the switch in the driving area. At present, there are many electric appliances in cars, especially buses. They not only have all kinds of lamps, but also have ventilation, station announ……【View
Nowadays, cars have become a very common household product. Some people love cars as much as life. If there is a scratch on the car, it is very sad. In fact, not only the appearance, but also the interior conditions of the car. The interior of a car is like the interior of a human body. Once there is a problem, it will……【View
When we understand something, we must first find a more correct perspective, so that we can get a better conclusion. In the process of understanding the harness of electric vehicles, we should also have an understanding of the quality. Some people may not know from what angle to understand, which leads to problems in a……【View
People living in cities have a great demand for electricity. They need electricity for life, work or other things. Even mobile phones and computers that do not leave their hands usually use electricity to run. It is no exaggeration to say that electricity has become an indispensable thing in life! Speaking of electrici……【View
The basic characteristics of FFC flexible flat cable are super soft, easy to bend and can be folded at will. It is widely used in computer equipment, on-board equipment, office printing, security monitoring and other fields. What are the requirements for the use and protection of FFC flexible cable? As for the storage ……【View
FFC flexible flat cable is called FlexibleFlatCable in English and flexible flat cable in Chinese. FFC flexible flat cable is not a simple and boring flat cable. Its own characteristic is the humanistic spirit. Shenzhen Robust Electronics is a manufacturer specializing in the production of FFC flexible flat cable. The ……【View
How are terminal harnesses classified by series? 1. PCB terminal harness: PCB terminal harness is one of the most widely used products that can be welded to PCB. Some of the products of this series adopt solid tenon splicing groove, with 02 and 03 as the basic units, and can provide the combination of any number of dig……【View
The vehicle OBD diagnostic line interface can monitor the working conditions of the engine electronic control system and other functional modules of the vehicle in real time during the vehicle operation. If abnormal working conditions are found, the specific fault can be determined according to the specific algorithm a……【View
The terminal line belongs to the weak current cable, which is the internal connection line of electrical equipment. The terminal wire is used as the connecting wire inside the electrical appliance, so its conductive function is very important. If the internal power-on current of the terminal wire is unstable, it will a……【View
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