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In recent years, with the strong support and promotion of China, the development of new energy vehicles in China has made considerable progress, and various new energy vehicles have gradually entered our daily life. In brief, new energy vehicles mainly refer to vehicles that use unconventional vehicle fuel as power sou……【View
1. Considering the convenience of installation and the feasibility of assembly process, 1) The connector of the harness should be placed in a position that can ……【View
With the continuous improvement of people's requirements for comfort, economy and safety, there are more and more types of electronic products in cars, and the car harness is becoming more and more complex, and the failure rate of the harness is also increasing accordingly. This requires improving the reliability and d……【View
Nowadays, new energy vehicles have become the choice of transportation for more people. In order to make the whole vehicle line more regular, convenient to install and protect the insulation layer, in addition to the high-voltage battery harness cable, the wires in different areas and different specifications on the ve……【View
Precautions in the design of circuit board terminals 1. Circuit board terminals refer to terminals, tubular terminals and needle terminals directly inserted into the PCB board; 2. When designing the circuit board terminal design drawing, it is necessary to confirm the size of its PCB board with the customer; 3. When de……【View
1、 Method to reduce harness cost 1. Request price reduction: the vehicle company requires harness suppliers to reduce the price. Harness quality decreased (new ……【View
In life, we have few opportunities to contact the terminal harness, which is because the terminal harness is mostly connected with the equipment. For example, the internal connection terminal harness of the washing machine at home is basically integrated with the main board of the washing machine. Turn off the power bu……【View
As an accessory of equipment, wiring harness plays an important role in vehicles. Moreover, the appearance of wiring harness has greatly improved the utilization efficiency of equipment and reduced the production and maintenance costs, especially when it is convenient to maintain. If it is broken, just replace it, and ……【View
How to meet the customer's requirements for the quality of on-board wiring harness? Terminal wire processing products are characterized by large proportion of manual processes, long product development cycle, complex circuits, and many sub-machines. Terminal wire products have many changes from design to manufacturing,……【View
What are the requirements for terminal harness during the processing and production of terminal harness? Today, the manufacturer of the terminal harness factory briefly introduces the following: 1. Requirements for cutting the wire stripping opening: the cutting surface is flat, and the copper wire is neat; All strippi……【View
For the tester of terminal harness processing, the surface is not an easy thing, and the standard of important surface testing is not easy to grasp. If different inspectors are engaged in the inspection of unified products, different conclusions may be drawn. Even so, as long as we really learn and master the standards……【View
The current load capacity is similar to the commonly understood overcurrent protection capacity, which is a protection method to make the protection device act when the current exceeds the predetermined maximum value. Overcurrent protection refers to that when the current flowing through the protected element exceeds a……【View
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