The product is widely used for the internal and external wiring connection of electronic and electrical products such as computers, household appliances, automobiles, communication equipment, etc

Shenzhen WENJIAN Electronics Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and OEM factory specializing in the production of automobile wiring harness, new energy charging pile wiring harness, internal and peripheral connecting wires of electrical equipment. It has automatic terminal machine, semi-automatic terminal machine, wire cutting machine, pneumatic peeling machine, soldering machine, molding machine, precision wire tester and other production equipment. The products are widely used in new energy charging pile harness, automobile harness, household appliance harness, communication equipment harness, etc. The main products include automobile OBD2 diagnostic harness, automobile engine harness, FAKRA and HSD high-speed transmission harness, high-temperature silica gel connection harness, aviation head power harness, FFC flexible wiring harness, electric vehicle harness, Ampu head harness, automobile harness, vehicle harness, LVDS harness, etc., and can undertake the OEM of various terminal harnesses. It is popular in Europe, the Middle East and North America. We will give back our customers and friends with excellent quality, reasonable price and warm and thoughtful service.

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Manufacturer of on-board harness, new energy charging pile harness, terminal harness, vehicle OBD2 diagnostic cable, LVDS harness

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