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Enterprise vision: to become a leading brand in the connector industry.

Through years of operation and accumulation, the company has possessed certain strength and enjoyed outstanding achievements and influence in the industry. However, opportunities and challenges coexist. Hope and goals are the driving force of enterprise development. It is our unremitting pursuit to provide high-quality products for the society and build industry famous brands.

Corporate mission: always adhere to the leading technology and brand strategy

The company has always regarded quality as the first life of the enterprise, and has always adhered to the leading technology and brand strategy. It has passed ISO9001:2000 certification, ISO14001 certification, CQC certification, international UL certification and ISOTS16949:2009 certification. We will continue to adhere to the purpose of "customer-centered and market-oriented", continue to face the future, and with the mind of dominating the world, welcome guests from all over the world!

Corporate values: responsibility, honesty and gratitude

It is the common values, codes of conduct, and codes of ethics formed by our company in the long-term business activities, reflecting the collection of our company's spirit transmission, interpersonal relationships, rules and regulations, production services, etc. "Responsibility" is the driving force for our progress, "integrity" is the basis for our foothold, and "gratitude" is the strength for our development.

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