OBD16P male to OBD16P female + Toyota 16P female
Model: OBD16P male to OBD16P female Toyota 16P female
Applicable to: Toyota
Attribute: vehicle OBD diagnostic line
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Product description

OBD16P male to OBD16P female Toyota 16P female

Vehicle OBD diagnostic line:
Often referred to as on-board diagnostic system, the system can monitor the operation status of the engine and the working status of exhaust after-treatment at any time, and will immediately send a warning to feed back to the driver once the situation that may cause excessive emissions is found;
Illustration details:


Common positions of vehicle OBD diagnostic line:



1 - Above the left foot position, the manual gear is above the clutch du

2 - Above the brake

3 - Above the throttle

4 - Below the ashtray in front of the gear lever

5 - Under the passenger compartment

6 - Near or inside the central armrest box

For more information, please see the article on location in Robust Electronic Synthesis:Where is the line interface of OBD diagnostics for many brands of cars?

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