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Terminal harness processing and testing methods
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Automobile wire harness processing plantTerminal harness processingThe production process steps are generally divided into the following four parts:

1. Cutting:

The terminal harness processing manufacturer first uses the automatic cutting machine and equipment to cut the wire according to the size required by the process of the terminal wire, and then arranges the cut wire according to the regulations (such as 50 pieces/bundle) and puts it in the designated position, affix the product identification, and flow to the next production process of the terminal wire.

2. Peeling:

Install the corresponding wire peeling machine and equipment according to the size of the wire cut according to the specification of the terminal wire, and adjust the peeling, wire clamping and thread cutting process according to the process requirements of the terminal harness processing. Adjust the size adjustment plate according to the peeling length, place the wire rod in the middle of the blade of the peeling machine, hold the wire head against the size adjustment plate, step on the foot to peel, and then flow to the next production process of the terminal line.

3. Tinning:

Adjust the tin furnace (300 ± 20 ℃) of the stripped wire according to the temperature given in the SOP, arrange the wire, separate and align the core conductors, coat the core conductors with flux, and send the core wire vertically to the tin furnace (the size is as required in the SOP) when the core wire is in place, and then flow to the next production process of the terminal wire.

4. Terminal crimping:

Crimp the tinned wire to the terminal with the crimping machine according to the processing requirements of the production terminal harness. After this process is completed, the finished terminal wire has been completed. The following process flows to the inspection and packaging process of terminal wire.

Test method:

1. Take UL standard or equivalent wire with a length of about 50 cm, and strip one end correctly according to the tested terminal.

2. Crimp the terminal and wire firmly with correct tools and methods. Fix the terminal part on the fixed base end of the tension machine, the end of the wire on the fixed base end of the tension machine, and the end of the wire on the movable base of the tension machine.

3. Start the intelligent tension tester until the terminal and wire fall off.

4. Compare the measured data with the UL standard to determine whether the test is successful.

5. Carry out three consecutive tests, and pass the test if all are successful.

The above is the process of terminal harness processing and the test method of terminal harness.

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