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Common problems and solutions of automobile wire harness processing
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Automotive wiring harnessSome problems in processing and solutions

Cutting process

Results of poor thread cutting:

1. Poor peeling scale: resulting in abnormal operation of the next process (crimping), which also leads to unqualified products.

2. Poor wire harness size: the wire size is too short, resulting in unqualified product line.

3. Core damage and oxidation: poor crimping and false connection.

Disposal process of defective products: (Take defective products as an example)

1. Operator: if the scale is too short, immediately find out the cause of the nonconformity, communicate with the inspector for treatment, avoid the occurrence of batch defective products, and directly scrap the car harness with short scale, and do not mix it with the qualified products into the next process; Rework with wire strippers of long dimensions shall be recognized by the inspector as qualified.

2. Inspector: If defective products are found in the spot check, it is required to find out the causes and rectify them immediately, and review and deal with the defective products. If there are batch of defective products, it should be stopped immediately for rectification and reported to the immediate leader.

Results of poor crimping:

1. Too small pulling force: the wire core and the terminal wire are connected or dropped.

2. Generally, poor crimping will lead to a lot of waste of capital, and it is difficult to rework, which is very easy to scrap.

Defective product handling process: (too small pulling force)

1. Operator: If the tension is too small, stop the crimping immediately, contact the mechanic to take a rest for the crimping mold, and report to the inspector.

2. Inspector: all the crimped terminal wires of the same type (from the last test to the detection of defective products) shall be subject to 2% spot check and test. If any defective products are found in the test, it shall be determined that all the batch is unqualified, and the marks and barriers shall be made, and the repair shall be notified.

Results of poor assembly of automobile harness:

1. Terminal exit: if the plug-in terminal is not implemented according to the standard, the terminal exit will be directly sent to the customer if it is not easy to be found. If the terminal is not inserted in place, it will generally cause false connection and lead to car burning.

2. Terminal dislocation: ① If the wire harness with the wrong hole in the terminal is blocked on the test bench, it will lead to two layers of rework by the pre-assembly workers and testers, which will seriously affect the production efficiency. ② In case of mixed installation or missing test in the test area, the wrong hole position of the terminal will directly lead to the short circuit of the vehicle line.
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