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Material selection of automobile wire harness processing
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Automobile wire harness processingThe selection of processing data is based on the application requirements of wire harnesses. The application requirements of wires and connectors are different for different parts of automobile wire harnesses. Therefore, it is necessary to communicate with customers before processing automobile wire harnesses to understand the requirements of automobile wire harness products that customers need to process before purchasing the data of automobile wire harnesses.

The composition of automobile wiring harness is also terminal, wire, insulating sheath and some binding materials.
1. Terminal blocks
Generally, the terminal blocks selected for wire harness processing are copper, which are divided into brass and red copper. Brass is widely used for wire harness processing, and some customers require that the terminal blocks be coated;

2. Wire rod
The wire rod used for automobile wire harness processing is relatively thick, but some wires need to be selected according to specific conditions;

3. Insulating sheath
Generally, the materials of insulating sheath include PA6, PA66, ABS, PBT and PP, and flame retardant or reinforced materials can also be added to the plastic;

4. Binding information
The binding materials of automobile wire harnesses play an important role in preventing corrosion, avoiding interference, reducing noise, flame retarding and beautifying the appearance. The binding materials of wire harnesses can use adhesive tape, corrugated pipe, PVC pipe, etc;
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