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Requirements and common problems of automobile wire harness processing
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What you usually seeAutomotive wiring harnessThey are all finished products, but in the process of processing and production of automobile harnesses, the requirements for automobile harnesses are very strict.

1、 So what are the requirements for automobile wire harness processing:

1. After the terminal wire is pressed, it needs to wear the rubber shell. This step cannot be automated, but can only be manual. It also needs to be compared with the first article. The production line staff should be trained to ensure that the rubber shell should be worn correctly, in place, and not fall off.

2. After the car harness is completely made, it needs to be fully inspected by the Quality Department, and the unqualified products should be reworked.

3. The incoming materials should be correct, the raw materials should be inspected, and the production scrap should be eliminated from the source.

4. If it is other complex car wiring harness, it may also need to wear casing, heat shrink, etc.

5. After confirming the material, it is necessary to cut the wire and make the terminal, and the first article needs to be made. The subsequent production and inspection should take the first article as the standard.

2、 Common faults in automobile wiring harness processing:

1. The threading sequence of rubber shell is disordered

The holes in the rubber shell are as small as three or four, and as many as ten or twenty. The workers work continuously for a long time during the process of piercing the rubber shell, and the number of holes is large. It is easy to inadvertently insert the wire in the wrong order. The wire that was supposed to be inserted into this hole is inserted into the next hole.

2. Poor thread cutting

In the process of wire cutting, the cut is often irregular and the copper wire is damaged. For this reason, we should adjust the cutter value of different specifications of wire before starting the machine, and there should be an appropriate amount of test products before mass production.

3. Poor terminal (terminal voltage)

In this process, the terminal is usually not in the right position, the terminal is not completely wrapped with the copper wire, the terminal is over-wrapped, resulting in the insertion of the skin and other defects. These defects generally occur in the operation of manual terminal. If the machine is adjusted properly, the probability of occurrence is small.

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