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How to select LVDS harness
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LVDS harnessIt is the bridge between display and communication board. It acts as power supply and signal transmission, and the motherboard transmits images to the display.

There are many manufacturers of LVDS harness, but the products are mainly used in consumer electronics, followed by industrial control, medical field, instrumentation, safety, new energy vehicles, etc. It is commonly used that the harness end connector (plastic housing and terminal) matches the PCB board end base (pin base) for connection. According to the structural differences of the final equipment, the LVDS harnesses used are also different, which involves docking methods, such as line-to-line connection, board-to-board connection and board-to-board connection.


With the clarity of market demand, the technical level of new energy vehicles has been continuously improved, the vehicle performance has been improved, and the battery and motor supporting services have been improved. The new energy automobile industry, especially China's new energy automobile industry, is expected to usher in the second wave. A wave of rapid development. The rapid development of new energy vehicles has brought new opportunities for the upgrading of automotive harness technology, and has gradually transformed the domestic automotive harness market from a low-cost strategic market to a market with higher technology content and higher cost performance. It also promotes the vigorous development of the harness industry. A new round of upgrading of harness technology, processing technology and processing equipment.

The selection of five LVDS harness products is essential:

  1. Select according to the manufacturer (brand);

  2. Select by spacing;

  3. Select by model;

  4. Select by product category;

  5. Select according to product parameters and pictures;


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