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What is the car harness assembly?
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Automotive wiring harnessThe assembly is the main body of the automobile circuit network, and there is no automobile circuit without wiring harness. Wire harness refers to the components that are formed by pressing the contact terminal (connector) made of copper and crimping the wire and cable, and then molding and pressing the insulator or external metal shell to form the connection circuit with wire harness.


The automobile wiring harness is a special wiring harness system that conforms to the automobile industry standards. The national standard wiring harness and Japanese standard wiring harness are mostly used in China.

The automobile harness assembly refers to the assembly composed of several automobile harnesses, terminals, sheaths, wire clips, various kinds of sleeves, etc. It is generally divided into instrument panel harness assembly, door harness assembly, ceiling harness assembly, engine compartment harness assembly, chassis harness assembly, etc. according to different positions.

The harness industry chain includes wires and cables, connectors, processing equipment, harness manufacturing and downstream application industries. The harness is widely used in automobiles, household appliances, computers and communication equipment, various electronic instruments and meters, etc. The body harness connects the whole body, and the overall shape is H-shaped.

Take the whole vehicle harness as an example, 0.5 specification line is applicable to instrument lamp, indicator lamp, door lamp, ceiling lamp, etc; 0.75 specification line is applicable to license plate lamp, front and rear small lamp, brake lamp, etc; 1.0 Specification line is applicable to turn signal lamp, fog lamp, etc; 1.5 The specification line is applicable to headlights, horns, etc; The main power line, such as generator armature wire and grounding wire, requires 2.5 to 4 mm2 wires.

This just means that for general cars, the key is to see the maximum current value of the load. For example, the ground wire of the battery and the positive power wire are used separately by special car wires. Their wire diameters are relatively large, at least more than ten square millimeters. These "Big Mac" wires will not be woven into the main harness.

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