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What are the requirements for the use and protection of FFC flexible cable!
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FFC flexible flat cable Its basic characteristics are super soft, easy to bend and can be folded at will. It is widely used in computer equipment, on-board equipment, office printing, security monitoring and other fields. What are the requirements for the use and protection of FFC flexible cable?

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For storage environment, ifFFC flexible flat cable, it needs to be stored in a reasonable temperature and humidity range. The ideal storage environment is generally 15 ℃~25 ℃, and the humidity is controlled at 30~50 rh%. Within this temperature and humidity range, the shelf life of tinned copper wire FFC flexible flat wire is 6 months, and that of gold-plated copper wire is 12 months. Therefore, for FFC flexible cable users, how to control the cable inventory should be carefully considered. We can't prepare too much, which leads to not using up after the shelf life, and we can't prepare too little. If it is really necessary to stock for a long time, the storage period of gold-plated FFC flexible flat cable will be relatively longer.

In actual useFFC flexible flat cablePay attention to the bending part of the copper wire. Many FFC flexible flat wires used for moving parts must be bent. If the bending part is the middle part, it is not a big problem. If the bending part is close to the position of the FFC flexible flat wire reinforcement plate, due to the height difference between the reinforcement plate and the flat wire, it is necessary to fix the bending part with adhesive tape to ensure that it will not break due to repeated back and forth movement, so as to play a stabilizing role.


Pay attention not to touch your fingers during operationFFC flexible flat cableBecause everyone's fingers sweat, the operator should not touch the wiring interface directly, which will lead to oxidation of the wiring interface. Therefore, friends who are prone to sweat should wash their hands frequently and dry them before operation, or directly wear finger covers or work gloves.Robust ElectronicsAs a professional manufacturerFFC flexible flat cableWe must maintain a low-key and pragmatic attitude and contribute to the strength of FFC flexible cable manufacturers.

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