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What aspects should be checked for the quality of flat copper wire of FFC flexible flat cable?
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Flat copper wire isFFC flexible flat cableAs one of the three core components of FFC, it is an important responsibility of the quality department of FFC flexible wire manufacturers to strictly control the quality of flat copper wire in the feeding process. From what aspects can we judge whether the flat copper wire is qualified?


The tinned flat copper wire of FFC flexible flat wire must be silver white or brown, and the bare copper flat wire must be reddish-brown, shiny, without black spots and fingerprints. When the fingerprint touches the flat copper wire, it will leave traces in nine cases out of ten. Fingers must have sweat. Even if people can't see the sweat on their fingers, it doesn't mean there is no sweat. After contacting the flat copper wire, it is easy to cause oxidation of the flat copper wire, and then darken or even blacken. Ductility is the core inspection point of FFC flexible flat copper wire. The reason why it can be called flexible flat copper wire is that the flat copper wire has enough ductility and will not be interrupted during winding.


The tin coating thickness of tinned flat copper wire is between 1U and 3U. If it is less than 1U, it is absolutely unqualified and easy to oxidize. If it is higher than 3U, it may not be cost-effective. The tin coating > 1U is acceptable, and the tin coating can be detected by the tin tester. The product must be attached with ROHS test report, and the material must comply with the EU ROHS 2.0 standard. If the flat copper wire of FFC soft flat wire is tested from the above aspects, the flat copper wire can be warehoused.

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