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The car harness needs to be tested regularly!
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Nowadays, cars have become a very common household product. Some people love cars as much as life. If there is a scratch on the car, it is very sad. In fact, not only the appearance, but also the interior conditions of the car. The interior of a car is like the interior of a human body. Once there is a problem, it will lead to problems in the whole operation of the car.Automotive wiring harnessIt is one of the most important parts of automobile. When the car harness contacts with other parts, some devices with sharp edges will damage the harness and cause problems in the vehicle operation. At this time, we need to test the car harness to ensure that the car can run normally.

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In fact, automobile wire harness is an organizational structure with good wear resistance in automobiles. Due to the small size of the car harness, it can be flexibly installed in the limited space of the car, and can be installed according to the predetermined space to minimize the overall wear. Even so, the car harness will be damaged due to repeated wear and tear in long-term use. Therefore, in order to drive safely, it is necessary to use the car harness tester to regularly test the vehicle.


The car harness is composed of two integrated tapes. The first is to help the staff decorate the harness according to the fixed position, and then use the second tape to effectively connect the sleeves together. In this way, it is convenient for the staff not to use other tapes for knotting, but also to realize the perfect protection of the wire harness, so that the line will not be worn. The installed car harness should not be adjusted any more. The car harness can be adjusted even faster after installation. We can adjust the size according to the size of the harness, which is more convenient for the detection of the whole vehicle harness tester.

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