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Problems in wiring harness of automobile!
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Automotive wiring harnessThe traditional "point to point" method is still used for the wiring of the car, that is, one or two wires are connected to the switch in the driving area. At present, there are many electric appliances in cars, especially buses. They not only have all kinds of lamps, but also have ventilation, station announcement sound, driving and sales contact, door opening and closing facilities. These appliances are distributed in the front and rear, left and right, or on the roof. When wiring from front to rear, due to the large number of wires, they must be bound and passed through the concealed places at the bottom of the frame and the roof bar, so the process is complex. This requires a lot of work. When the engine is rear-mounted, the wires become longer and longer. The following problems exist in the wiring mode of automobile harness:


1. Consumes a lot of copper wire. Generally speaking, wires need to carry large current. The diameter is generally more than 0.81mm, with high cost and heavy quality.

2. There are usually dozens or hundreds of wires. It is difficult to install and fix after binding, and it takes a long time.

3. Maintenance is difficult. When a line needs to be checked, it is difficult to check because it has been bundled. Sometimes, in order to save driving time, the entire car harness must be replaced, which increases the cost.


4. All car harnesses shall be concentrated in the driving area and connected with the control switch, so that the limited space in the driving area cannot be accommodated.

5. There are potential safety hazards because most wires have strong current. If the design and assembly process are unqualified, or the wire surface is aged for a long time, the vibration during driving will cause short circuit and slight fault.

6. There is no uniform design. Increase workload. The length, electrical type and installation position of different models are different, so we need to design one model for each vehicle. When we need to add electrical appliances temporarily, we need to pull the wire outside the bundled harness. While making the line more complex, it also adds new hidden dangers.

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