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Technology made by automobile harness manufacturer!
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With the continuous development of information technology, automobiles are developing in the direction of networking and modularization. The network cluster is ready, Automotive wiring harnessIts function extends from ordinary signal transmission to data transmission. Car harness has become the preferred material for vehicle data processing and exchange in the future, making the functions of cars better and better due to the use of car harness. At present, the new technologies of automobile wire harness manufacturing mainly include:


1. Multi-channel technology bus: refers to the transmission of multiple signals on a common medium to enable electronic controllers to share information and avoid single wiring. Its advantages are: simplified wiring harness, compact structure, weight reduction and cost reduction; More accurate fault diagnosis, faster engineering change and more convenient defect repair;

2. Multi-station connection technology: refers to the ability to connect multiple intelligent devices. It can not only share battery energy and reliable grounding, but also share data, greatly reducing the input, output and count times of the module, and simplifying the assembly of the module and the car harness. Therefore, a large number of interfaces will be reduced, and the production cost will be greatly reduced


3. Electronic and electrical integration technology: modern cars will have an electronic and electrical integration central electrical box, a bus-type electrical center, which is equivalent to a small substation in electrical functions, and reasonably distribute battery energy to each circuit according to needs; In terms of electronic and electrical functions, it is like a small data processing center, processing and sending various signals.

4. Vehicle electronic and electrical integrated vehicle wiring harness: this comprehensive consideration includes multi-channel transmission, optical fiber transmission, multi-head contact, regional electronic and electrical controller and other technologies, as well as electronic integrated switches, connectors, sensors and actuators. At the same time, the system reliability and on-board diagnosis function are improved.

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