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The development prospect of automobile wire harness processing enterprises!
Time:2021-02-03 Read: 1627
For a long time, Automotive wiring harnessThe industry has gone through a difficult process and is continuing. The low profit operation forced many automobile harness factories to close or relocate. At present, it is a highlight of the relocation of the automobile harness production area. With the continuous improvement of electronic and electrical systems and the continuous expansion of application fields, the use of more complex automotive harnesses has become a trend, which will be conducive to the business development of automotive harnesses.


Compared with traditional ones, some manufacturers produce low-voltage wires with higher profits than other cable products, while some automobile harness manufacturers have higher profits. At present, the number of factories producing automobile wires has increased rapidly, and the profit has decreased significantly, but the impact is not significant. Even some enterprises have turned to export, reflecting the growth of complete sets of wire harness products. In addition to economic factors, it is very important to fully understand the relationship between automobile manufacturers and wire manufacturers. Mutual trust in product quality is the guarantee of signing a long-term supply agreement. The principle of fair trade without time is that once the automobile manufacturers feel that the source of the supply of automobile harnesses is not safe and reliable, they should stop the agreement.

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