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Precautions when cleaning the car harness tester!
Time:2021-04-20 Read: 1412
Automotive wiring harnessThe detector is a device for detecting the safety of automobiles, which is mainly used in the field of automobile production. In the field of automobile production, whether the automobile runs safely or not needs to be tested first to ensure the operation of the automobile. The application of automobile harness tester is an indispensable equipment for automobile production. In practical applications, many people neglect the cleaning of equipment. Let's take a look at what should be paid attention to when cleaning the car harness tester?


1. Cleaning method

The cleaning method must be paid attention to when cleaning the vehicle harness detection equipment. Due to different cleaning methods, different cleaning methods have different cleaning effects. Users must select the correct cleaning method when cleaning the equipment. Especially for the car harness tester, once the cleaning method is wrong, the accuracy of the equipment detection will be affected. Therefore, users should choose carefully according to the actual cleaning needs of the equipment.

2. Cleaning requirements

There are few cleaning requirements for the car harness tester, as long as the equipment cleaning does not affect the operation performance. Although it seems to be a simple cleaning requirement, many users cannot meet the standard in actual cleaning. Some users who are not familiar with cleaning often damage the internal parts of the equipment when cleaning the equipment, causing damage to the equipment and unable to work normally.

3. Cleaning details

When cleaning the car harness detection equipment, pay attention to the details, especially the dust at the corners of the internal parts. When cleaning the equipment, many people neglect the dust in the corners of the equipment, resulting in the equipment not being cleaned properly and not having good performance. Therefore, users should do a good job in cleaning every step.

4. Professional cleaning

For precision test instruments, professional cleaning shall be adopted. Especially those who are not familiar with the cleaning equipment, in order to save the cleaning cost, they clean the equipment themselves, resulting in problems in equipment cleaning. It is recommended that you choose professional cleaning to ensure the cleaning quality of the testing instrument. I believe that professional cleaning can guarantee the performance of the equipment.

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