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Layout and design principles of on-board wiring harness
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1. The harness should be routed along the side, groove, cross beam and other parts of the body to avoid the stress of the harness.

2. The harness should avoid passing through sharp edges as much as possible.

3. The harness should be as far away from heat source as possible.

4. Connectors shall be arranged horizontally as far as possible to prevent dust and water.

5. The distance between the two fixing points of the harness is 100 mm - 300 mm, preferably 200 mm. Wire harness for doors and ceilings shall be 150 mm.

6. Try to choose a guide tie, such as a 7x12 waist round card.

7. The number of branches at the same branch point shall not exceed 3. Too many branches will affect the assembly accuracy.

8. Avoid sharp corners in harness layout. When there is a right-angle corner, the feasibility of wire diameter should be considered. Both sides of the right-angle need to be fixed with wire clamps.

9. The branch point shall be close to the fixed point of the trunk line before the branch, and the distance from the fixed point shall be between 10-100 mm.

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