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Crimping, tension and stress of terminal wire
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1、 Relevant problems and solutions of crimping height

1. Crimping height does not meet the index

Reasons: (1) The wire type, supplier or number of core wires were changed; (2) Change the color code of insulation skin, namely hardness; (3) Change the crimping tool; (4) Change the crimping machine (closing height); (5) Different types of crimping machines (manufacturers) have been changed; (6) Replaced the terminal strip roll (batch number); (7) Change the mold setting; (8) The tool is damaged or worn.

Processing: (1) Adjust the tool to meet the indicator request; (2) Change tools.

2. The crimping height deviates too much

Reasons: (1) Wire deviation; (2) Terminal deviation; (3) Damaged, loose or worn tools; (4) Measurement error; (5) Terminal springback is too large, crimping is excessive; (6) Cut or cut the core wire.

Treatment: (1) Check the wires; (2) Check the terminals; (3) Replace or fasten tools; (4) Analyze the instrument performance; (5) Adjust the crimping height; (6) Adjust the peeling process.

2、 Problems related to tension and solutions

1. The front of the core crimp is broken - low tensile strength

Reasons: (1) (a part) The core wire is cut or cut; (2) The crimping height is too low; (3) No or the bell mouth is too small;(4)The insulation skin is crimped and punctured.

handle:(1)Check the peeling process;(2)Adjust the crimping height;(3)Adjust the tool track;(4)Increase the crimping height of insulation sheath.

2. The conductor is pulled out of the conductor crimping frame - low tensile strength

reason:(1)The crimping height is too high;(2)The conductor brush is too short or not exposed;(3)The bellmouth of conductor crimping frame is too large;(4)Gold-plated terminal is adopted; (5) The thickness of terminal data is not enough; (6) The sawtooth of the terminal is too shallow.

handle:(1)Adjust the crimping height;(2)Increase the peeling length;(3)Adjust the tool track; (4) Evaluate terminal application; (5) Contact the local sales engineer.


3、 Stress requirements

1. The wiring of all terminal wires shall be uniform and firmly fixed. The terminal wires shall be free from shaking and hanging, interference stress and friction damage.

2. In order to make the terminal wire layout reasonable and beautiful, various types and sizes of fixed supports can be used when wiring. When processing the terminal wire, the detailed device positions of various electrical components and connectors should be fully considered, and the length of the terminal wire should be reserved and the wiring should be separated from the body structure.

3. The terminal wires that grow out and are not used on the vehicle body should be folded and coiled properly, and the connectors should be sealed and maintained, and there should be no dangling and shaking on the vehicle body, bearing stress.

4. The outer sheath of the terminal wire shall not be broken by the bellows, otherwise the binding must be stopped, and the bellows shall be fastened with tape or binding tape.

5. The butt joint between the main terminal line and the chassis terminal line, the butt joint between the top frame terminal line and the main terminal line, the butt joint between the chassis terminal line and the initiator terminal line, the butt joint between the top frame terminal line and the rear tail terminal line, and the diagnostic socket of the electronic control terminal line must be placed in the center of easy maintenance. meanwhileThe connectors of various terminal wires shall be placed near the maintenance access convenient for maintenance personnel when binding and fixing the terminal wires.

6. When the vehicle is consumed in batches, if there is a work instruction, the requirements of the work instruction shall be strictly followed first. If there is no operation instruction, the diversity of consumption shall be guaranteed from the fixed position of terminal line, fixed method, fixed point quantity and other aspects.

7. The terminal wire device shall be arranged away from high temperature (exhaust pipe, air pump, etc.), easily wet (lower area of the starter, etc.), and easily corroded parts (battery base area, etc.).

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