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Defect of terminal wire
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In recent years, household appliances have been emerging in the family kitchen, from rice cookers, induction cookers, refrigerators to small household appliances such as soymilk machines, air fryers, and sweeping robots, which are deeply loved by consumers, and life has become increasingly intelligent. However, many people may not know the wide application of terminal wires in electrical appliances, but there are always some common problems. Today, we will analyze three major faults to protect electricity by lightning protection.


Three common examples of terminal wire defects

Terminal wire is a kind of connecting wire, which is often used in the production and processing of internal wiring of various household appliances and other goods. Terminal wire can save the time and energy of connecting wire, reduce the volume of electronic equipment, reduce product costs, and improve productivity. The terminal wire is suitable for the data transmission cable between the mobile component and the main board, between the PCB and the PCB, in the miniaturized electrical equipment and household appliances. Common specifications and models are flexible cables with various spacing such as 0.5mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.25mm, 1.27mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.54mm. Three common examples of poor terminal wire are poor contact of terminal wire, poor insulation of terminal wire and poor fixation of terminal wire.

IPoor contact of terminal wire

The contact part of the terminal must have high-quality structure, stable and reliable contact retention and excellent conductivity. As the metal conductor inside the terminal wire is the key part of the terminal, it transmits the working voltage, current or data signal of the cable from the external cable to the corresponding contact point of the matching connector.

On the other hand, due to the unscientific overall design of the contact part of the terminal wire, improper use of raw materials, unstable mold shell, deviation of production and processing specifications, unsmooth surface, and unscientific surface treatment processes such as heat treatment process and electroplating process. In addition, improper assembly, difficult storage and use environment, and improper actual operation will lead to poor contact of the terminal wire at the contact position and the mutually matched position.

IIPoor insulation of terminal wire

The insulation function of the terminal wire is to keep the contact part of the terminal wire in proper order and to insulate the contact part from the contact part and the contact part between the shell. Therefore, the insulation effect of the terminal wire must have high-quality electrical equipment characteristics, physical properties and processing technology molding characteristics. Especially with the wide application of high-density and miniaturized terminal blocks, the reasonable wall thickness of insulators is becoming thinner and thinner. This also clearly puts forward higher requirements for the insulation raw materials of the terminal wire, the precision of the plastic mold and the molding process.

On the other hand, due to the metal material residues on the surface of the terminal wire or inside the insulator, the surface dust, flux and other environmental pollution returned to the moisture. The combination of organic material precipitation and harmful substance adsorption film with surface shrinkage water produces positive ion conductive safety channel, which is affected by moisture, mildew, and fragile insulation raw materials. All of these will lead to short circuit fault, power-off operation, penetration, insulation resistance degradation, etc., and lead to terminal wire insulation failure, and even potential safety hazards.

IIIThe terminal wire is not fixed properly

The insulator of the terminal wire not only plays the role of insulation, but also provides accurate alignment and maintenance for the contact part of the extended terminal wire, and also has the function of accurate installation and positioning, which can be clamped and fixed on the mechanical equipment. If the terminal wire is not fixed properly, the reliability of contact will be jeopardized, resulting in the instantaneous shutdown of the power supply, and even more serious is the disassembly of the product.

Disintegration refers to the abnormal separation between the power plug and the power socket, and between the pin and the socket. This is due to the unreliable structure caused by the design scheme, raw materials and processing technology used when the terminal wire is inserted, which will cause serious damage to the electromagnetic energy transmission and data signal manipulation of the automatic control system. Because the design scheme is unreliable, the material selection is incorrect, the molding process selection is unreasonable, the processing quality of heat treatment process, mold shell, installation, welding and other processing processes is poor, and the installation is not timely, all of which will lead to poor terminal wire fixation.

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