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Plug terminal method and precautions
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1、 Basic points of plug-in terminal:

1. Remove the connector and check whether the locking tab is open.

2. Observe whether the connector is waterproof to determine whether the terminal has a sealing plug.

3. Take the branch and check whether the terminal and wire are damaged.

4. Observe the hole shape, hole size and hole depth of the connector to determine the approximate shape of the terminal.

5. Observe the locking mechanism in the connector hole and the locking position of the terminal to determine the insertion direction of the terminal.

6. Some connectors have guide slots in their holes, through which terminals can be inserted.

7. The terminal shall be inserted according to the principle of one plug, two listen and three pull. The same terminal in the same direction of the connector shall ensure the same direction of the brush.

8. Generally, you should wear a finger sleeve during operation. Do not touch the terminal with bare fingers to prevent terminal oxidation.

2、 Methods and precautions for inserting terminals

1. Remove the branch from the material rack, and be careful not to use too much force to ensure that the branch does not touch the ground.

2. Visual self-inspection shall be carried out on the branch and terminal. The branch shall be free of skin breakage, terminal crimping shall be free of abnormality, and the terminal shall be free of deformation.

3. Take out the connector and conduct visual self-inspection on the connector. See the inspection guide and quality warning for the inspection method. With visual assistance, ensure that the branch is correctly inserted into the corresponding hole of the connector to prevent line crossing. When inserting the terminal, you should hear a clear and crisp sound, and gently pull the wire to check whether the terminal is locked (that is, one plug, two listen, and three pull). If it is not released, it means that the terminal is locked. If there is any abnormality, report it to the foreman or quality inspector. For the closed pipe or the branch of the sheath, insert the branch into the corresponding sheath or pipe, and take care not to damage the sheath, pipe or branch.

4. Adjust the connector to the connector direction indicated by the visual aid on the terminal block.

5. Place the connector in the corresponding fixture.

6. Press the rear lower end of the clamp with one hand, put the connector into the corresponding clamp with the other hand, and release the clamp after the connector is in place.

7. When all branches are inserted into the connector, take out the locking lug from the material box and visually check whether there is any defect.

8. Remove the connector from the clamp.

9. Press the rear lower end of the clamp with one hand and release its locking rod.

10. Take out the connector with the other hand and release the locking lever.

11. Visually inspect the corresponding end of the connector, check whether all branches are inserted, whether the terminals are locked and whether the terminals are damaged.

12. Insert the locking lug into the connector and use the special tool for male terminal to lock the locking lug.

13. After locking the locking lug of the connector, put the connector into the corresponding clamp.

14. Confirm terminal guidance before inserting.

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