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Crimping principle of harness terminal
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1、 What is crimping?

Crimping is the process of applying pressure to the contact area between the wire and the terminal to form it and realize tight connection.

Solderless connection technology originated from AMP in 1941.

2、 Requirements for crimping

Provide non-separable and reliable electrical and mechanical connection between crimping terminal and wire for a long time.

The crimping shall be convenient for production and processing.

3、 Advantages of crimping

1. Through calculation, the crimping structure suitable for specific wire diameter range and material thickness can be obtained.

2. Crimping with different wire diameters can only adjust the crimping height.

3. Realize low cost through continuous stamping production.

4. Crimping automation.

5. Stable performance in harsh environments.

4、 Three elements of crimping

1. Requirements for qualified crimping:

A. Conductor:

1) The selected wire diameter meets the applicability requirements of crimping terminals.

2) The stripping shall meet the requirements (proper length, no damage to the coating, no crack or bifurcation at the end).

B. Terminal

1) According to different forms, it can be divided into open barrel type and closed barrel type.

2) According to different coating, it can be divided into tin plating, silver plating, gold plating, nickel plating, etc.

3) Distinguish according to whether insulation crimping or sealing parts are included.

C. Crimping tool

2. Crimping preparation: terminal selection.

3. Crimping preparation: stripping requirements.

Pay attention to the following general requirements when peeling the wire (VW60330 does not allow any core wire to be damaged).

1) The conductor (0.5mm2 and below, with the number of strands less than or equal to 7 cores) shall not be damaged or cut;

2) For conductors (0.5mm2 to 6.0mm2, with more than 7 cores), the number of damaged or cut cores shall not be more than 6.25%;

3) The number of wires (more than 6mm2) whose cores are damaged or cut shall not exceed 10%;

4) It is not allowed to damage the insulation skin in the area that has not been peeled;

5) No residual insulation skin is allowed in the stripping area.

5、 Crimping die and blade

6、 Crimping product

1. Single-line crimping; 2. Double-line crimping; 3. Multi-wire crimping.

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