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How to deal with poor contact in terminal harness processing
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The harness processing manufacturer tells you how to deal with the poor contact in the terminal harness processing.

Contamination of excess metal parts, surface dust, flux, etc. is managed on the surface or inside of the insulator; The precipitation of organic substances and harmful gases form ionic conductive channels through adsorption membranes and surface water membranes. Hygroscopicity. The aging of insulation materials and other reasons will directly lead to the system short circuit, leakage, breakdown, insulation resistance and other poor insulation phenomena. What if there is poor contact at the connecting end?


1. Guidance check

At present, terminal manufacturers usually do not test this product, and users often need to do flip check. It is suggested to improve some key models of the manufacturer's products to point conduction test.

2. Immediate inspectioncheck

Some terminal connections are used in dynamic vibration control environments. The experiment shows that the static contact resistance alone can not guarantee the reliability of the contact in the dynamic development environment. Because, in general, when the connectors without qualified terminal contact resistance are tested with effective vibration, impact and other simulation technologies and environmental factors, the phenomenon of transient power failure will still occur. Therefore, for some terminals with high reliability requirements, dynamic vibration test can be carried out to ensure contact reliability.

3. Single-hole separation force inspectioncheck

Centrifugal force is the separation force of the contact part from rest to motion in the insertion state, to represent the contact state between the needle and the jack. The experimental results show that the single hole separation force is too small, and the signal will break instantaneously under the action of vibration and impact load. Contact reliability is more effective than single hole component method. It is found that the contact resistance of jack with single-hole separation force exceeding the tolerance is often qualified. In order to achieve this goal, in addition to developing a stable and reliable new generation of flexible plug-in contacts, for important models, the harness processing manufacturer cannot use a multi-point dynamometer for multi-point testing, and the finished product should be checked point by point through the single-hole separation force to prevent the signal transient caused by the loosening of individual jacks.

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