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New development trend of FFC flexible cable
Time:2023-06-20 Read: 955

FFC flexible cable is widely used, such as smart furniture, vehicle-mounted electronics, security equipment, medical devices, etc. Its wide application is derived from its own characteristics


(1) Smaller and lighter. In order to adapt to the thin, light and tiny characteristics of future electronic products, FFC will need thinner film and conductor below 30um to greatly reduce the product quality.

(2) The pin spacing is denser and the height is smaller. In order to improve the flexibility of the cable and ensure its signal transmission quality in micro products, some enterprises are studying more high-density integrated FFC. Foreign manufacturers have been able to process conductor spacing size less than 0 Only a few domestic FFC manufacturers can achieve 25 mm high difficulty FFC, but it also shows that the gap between China and the world in this field is narrowing year by year. Both play a key role in the impedance of the product. In order to reduce signal reflection and improve transmission efficiency, the impedance must be controlled to achieve impedance matching.

(3) Improvement of FFC materials. The working temperature of FFC is generally below 80 ℃. In the future, the FFC insulation film may be made of liquid crystal polymer and other materials that are more resistant to high temperature, so that it can be used in more severe environments. In the special field, the exposed gold finger of FFC cable is gilded, which is more anti-oxidation

(4) Mobile phone market. The mobile phone market is so large, and smart phones have been popularized at present. Ultra-thin body, clear touch screen, high-speed and stable signal connection will further infiltrate FFC flat cable into the mobile phone field. The frequent sliding of sliding cover mobile phones requires bending resistance of 200000 to 400000 times, and FFC will be able to take this responsibility. At present, you are the only one.


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