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Difference between electric vehicle harness and general automobile harness
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In recent years, the definition of new energy technology has become popular, especially in the field of automobiles. New energy electric vehicles are fully released, and their characteristics of environmental protection, low-carbon environmental protection, environmental protection and energy conservation just meet this requirement. In addition, the government departments are also fully helping the field of new energy electric vehicles, and many manufacturers of automobile wiring harness are also involved.

1、 The key components of the electric vehicle harness are different from those of the general vehicle harness

Electric vehicle harness can be divided into main harness and loop harness. According to the system settings of electric vehicles, the main harness can be divided into: battery power supply and distribution system harness, power main switch harness and automatic control system main power harness.

The branch harness is divided into: lighting lamp data signal harness, automatic control system data signal harness, combined switch harness, etc. The harness of lighting communication system can be divided into headlamp, tail lamp, rear lamp, license plate lamp harness, etc. The harness of the vehicle owner's power circuit is mostly managed by the control panel, which is widened to the front, rear, left and right of the vehicle body. The harness of new energy electric vehicles is generally used in electric vehicles, not with fuel vehicles.

The key components of the electric vehicle harness depend on the harness. If the harness of the electric vehicle often fails, the whole vehicle will not be good. What should be paid attention to is the automatic control system of the charging battery on the electric vehicle. As we all know, if there is no harness for fuel vehicles, the transmission system and brake pedal will not be easily affected in difficult areas such as lighting effect and center console.


2、 Performance difference between electric vehicle harness and general vehicle harness

The cross section of electric transmission lines in electric vehicle harness is different, and the allowable current of transmission lines with different cross sections is also different. Generally, the output harness of the battery, the trunk of the harness, the trunk of the automatic control system, the switch power lock, and the harness of the lithium battery pack generally use transmission wires with a diameter greater than 1.5 mm2.

The communication system and combination switch of lighting fixtures generally use transmission wires of more than 0.5 mm2; Transmission lines with an area of more than 0.15mm2 are generally used for brake pedal power-off and parking power switch. The performance and index value of electric vehicle wiring harness are far better than that of fuel vehicle wiring harness, and the performance of wiring harness working voltage and display system software are far better than that of fuel vehicle. This also selects the automobile wiring harness manufacturers that have replaced some small-scale taxpayers, and the wiring harness suppliers can also choose according to this.

3、 Difference between cable diameter and production equipment of electric vehicle harness and general automobile harness

You should notice that the diameter of the car harness is due to the large current load, and the cable diameter of the high-voltage harness of the new energy electric vehicle is much larger than that of the ordinary fuel vehicle. Therefore, the general automatic terminal pressing mechanical equipment cannot produce and process this kind of cable with large diameter. It must be equipped with a characteristic cutter table. On the basis of maintaining the basic production and processing function of automobile wire harness, the method of rotating the blade is used for production and processing to ensure the accuracy and quality of the cable.

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