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Functions of on-board wiring harness and methods of testing performance
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Nowadays, new energy vehicles have become the choice of transportation for more people. In order to make the whole vehicle line more regular, convenient to install and protect the insulation layer, in addition to the high-voltage battery harness cable, the wires in different areas and different specifications on the vehicle body should also be wrapped into a harness with cotton yarn or thin PVC plastic tape and other insulating materials, which is commonly known as the vehicle harness.

After the contact terminal (connector) of the vehicle harness made of copper material is crimped with wires and cables, the outer surface of the contact terminal (connector) is molded with insulators or added metal, and the harness is bound to form components connected with the circuit. In order to ensure the reliability of transmission and connection circuits of electrical signals, the specified current value shall be provided for electronic and electrical components.

Due to the particularity of the new energy automobile industry, the manufacturing and testing system of automobile wiring harness is more strict. On-board wiring harness shall comply with the following principles: divided by country, including China; TS16949 system shall be used to control the manufacturing process.

With the improvement of vehicle performance, more and more on-board harnesses are used in vehicles. The number of circuits and power consumption in vehicles are significantly increased, and the harness becomes more and more cumbersome. This is a problem that needs to be solved. At present, many advanced cars have introduced CAN bus configuration and adopted multiplex transmission system to reduce the number of car wires and connectors and make wiring easier.


In addition, the performance safety of the harness is also the top priority, so the following tests should be carried out on the on-board harness:

1. Switch test

2. Withstand voltage test

3. Insulation resistance test

4. Two-wire/four-wire resistance test

5. Instantaneous fracture test

ATX-3000S series desktop harness tester

Insulation test detection voltage DC50V-750V

Withstand voltage test detection voltage AC50V-500V

For four-wire resistance test, the minimum test accuracy is 0.002 ohms.

The harness tester has self-learning function, which can quickly detect the connection relationship of the harness, such as path, short circuit, open circuit, etc., help users to compare and analyze data, automatically record test reports, have compatible intelligent test software and large database, and can automatically reset after high voltage detection, making cable testing safer.

Support WIFI wireless communication, control port RS232, USB and other interfaces can be selected, peripheral connection is convenient, suitable for stand-alone operation or computer operation, with win10 operating system and 10-inch multi-point capacitive touch screen, the test operation is more convenient and full of science and technology.

Optional accessories of the instrument include printer, probe, adapter plate and calibration accessories.

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